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ANMDA (Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association) is not for profit and non- political association. It’s formed by medical and dental professionals practicing and intending to practice in Australasian region and are of Nepalese origin. Although discussion about formation of organization had been on going on for some years. Those consultative meetings took place in December 2014 and March2015 in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. Registration of the organization took place on 31 March 2015 in Victoria. In our Sydney meeting that was held in March 2015, first AGM of the organization was discussed and finalized. First AGM was held on 6 June 2015 in Sydney and executive committee was formed. From the beginning, Dr Kundan Giri, Dr Keshav Bhattarai, Dr Ghana Chapagain, Dr Sitaram Joshi, Dr Ganesh Shrestha, Dr Anupam Pokharel and Dr Chandra Deepak Pokharel have taken a leading role in the process of formation of association. Subsequently, lot of other doctors such as Dr Anil Sharma, Dr Anju Pandey, Dr Bal Krishna Subedi, Dr Prajwol Shrestha, Dr Prabin Pathak, and Dr Anis Pokharel have been actively involved.


Message from the President

Dear members and friends of Australasian Medical and Dental Association (ANMDA), I am happy to introduce to you the first newsletter of the association. First of all, I would like to pay my tribute to our colleague and a valued member of ANMDA Dr Aditya Malik who left this world last year due to sudden cardiac event. ANMDA is committed to establish a fund on his memory in Nepal in collaboration with his family.

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Fund raising

ANMDA carries out various health camps and charity dinners throughout the year. It conducts one annual AGM and dinner. The fund collected during these events will be used for ANMDA activities including humanitarian projects.

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Everyone is welcome to volunteer during ANMDA activities. These include various health camps in Australia and in Nepal. The volunteers will be selected based on their skill subsets. If you are interested please contact us via the email provided.

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Donation to this organisation will be greatly appreciated. Please donate directly to our bank account.

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