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Doctors and Dentists from Nepal

2. Membership:
General with voting rights: those who are from Nepal or of Nepalese origin and have AHPRA membership and/or  those who have completed both AMC examination.
Associate members with voting rights: Those doctors from Nepal or Nepalese origin who are preparing and part completed AMC exam, those who are in research field and other university courses or working in public and like areas etc.
Affiliate Members: members from brother or sister associations including allied health.
Honorary Members: Those who are granted membership by ANMDA for their special role or for a special reason.
3. Membership Fees
General Members: fully qualified in the area of expertise and practicing $200/annum, Registrars / trainees / medical officers and Interns $100/annum
Associate Members:  $50/annum
Affiliate Members: $50/annum
Honorary Members: Free





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