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About Us



ANMDA (Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association) is not for profit and non- political association. It’s formed by medical and dental professionals practicing and intending to practice in Australasian region and are of Nepalese origin. Although discussion about formation of organization had been on going on for some years. Those consultative meetings took place in December 2014 and March2015 in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. Registration of the organization took place on 31 March 2015 in Victoria.  In our Sydney meeting that was held in March 2015, first AGM of the organization was discussed and finalized. First AGM was held on 6 June 2015 in Sydney and executive committee was formed.  From the beginning, Dr Kundan Giri, Dr Keshav Bhattarai, Dr Ghana Chapagain, Dr Sitaram Joshi, Dr Ganesh Shrestha, Dr Anupam Pokharel and Dr Chandra Deepak Pokharel have taken a leading role in the process of formation of association. Subsequently, lot of other doctors such as Dr Anil Sharma, Dr Anju Pandey, Dr Bal Krishna Subedi, Dr Prajwol Shrestha, Dr Prabin Pathak, and Dr Anis Pokharel have been actively involved.

We aim to expand ANMDA amongst the doctors and dentists from Australia and surrounding region in Months and Years to come for mutual benefits, benefit of the community and the society in general. ANMDA aim is to be inclusive and representative association.

Although our organization was recently incepted, it has been able to take up the challenges and adopt very quickly in providing assistance and meet some of the demands faced in the aftermath of devastating earthquake and other disasters in Nepal. ANMDA members have been proactive and have taken a leading role in providing medical and like supplies to help the victims of earthquake in Nepal. In extending this timely assistance we have partnered with other community organizations such as NRNA.

In order to further improve our organizational capacity and deliver timely outcomes in the projects, we have formed AGM executive committee. Executive committee of ANMDA is working to create a significant platform to strengthen our organization and provide a clear future direction.

With time we are intending to embrace other healthcare professionals in our organization as our partners and improve functionality to create long lasting legacy.





Mission statement:

ANMDA’s core principle is to be inclusive, consultative in supporting each other, providing professional advice and assistance wherever practicable and be there for every one of us. We will have doctors and dentists from the Australasian region working together to achieve this goal.

We aim to further our organization and be a lobby group in dealing health matters and policies that can directly affect us.

We aim to run health education workshops, health awareness campaigns and host of other meetings in collaboration with other social agencies for the benefit of Nepalese and Australasian community.

We also aim to form a peer support group as we grow in numbers and areas of expertise. This means, we will create a common forum to have discussion and interaction with each other, to upskill, share knowledge and experience for the betterment of ourselves and the community in general.

ANMDA will also be a platform for exchanging ideas and social and cultural interaction. It will facilitate interchange of cultural awareness with other communities and professional organizations.

As all of us have some sort of inner connection with Nepal, ANMDA also aims to be active in providing such programs of health camps, consultative advice and services, networking and exchange of expertise between Nepal and Australasian region in Years to come.

In the immediate aftermath of devastating earthquake in Nepal, ANMDA continues to provide immediate relief efforts in the form of manpower, medical and like supplies, funds and has actively and effectively partnered with organizations such as NRNA to further our mission of helping Nepal. We also in the Months and years to come aim to establish ANMDA run medical and like services in needy areas of Nepal for ongoing support and rehabilitation.




 Executive team:

Our executive team have president, vice presidents, General Secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, , state   representatives and advisors.



President Dr Ghanashyam Chapagain                                 State Coordinators

Vice President Dr Chandra Pokharel                                    NSW/ACT: Dr Prabin Pathak

Vice President Dr Ganesh Shrestha                                     Victoria: Dr Ashutosh Kafle

Gen Secretary   Dr Kush Shrestha                                       SA: Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar

Joint Secretary Dr  Arjun Burlakoti                                        WA: Dr Jyotsana Pradhan

Treasurer  Dr Anju Pandey                                                   Tasmania: Dr Keshav Bhattarai

Assisstant Treasurer: Dr Pawan  Pyakurel




Our partners are NRNA NSW, AussieMed foundation, Nepalese Society of Tasmania (NEST), Nepalese Recreational Club etc. We are constantly looking to extend our partnership here in Australia and in Nepal to fulfil our mission.